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Melrose Park to Hobart - 1662kms
31st October - 6th November

Black Dog Ride's inaugural adventure to the Apple Isle sets off in late October from every state and territory to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention, gathering together in Hobart to celebrate the coming together of Black Dog Riders and the culmination of an inspiring grassroots suicide prevention project.

Join us on this once in a lifetime journey of community and self awareness!

Ride Coordination Team

Please read the ride FAQs here before contacting your coordinator.

To update your registration information, contact

SA Coordinator - Merv and Julie

Ride Registration

Before registering, please read the Ride FAQs here.

Please allow half an hour to register. You will need to let us know your -

• Name, Address, Phone, Email, Date of Birth, Payment Detials
• Next of Kin Name, Phone and Address (Don't use your pillion!)
• Your bike Make, Model and Rego Number
• Your bike dimensions for the ferry if it's a trike, sidecar or has a trailer
• Start and end points if a Night Rider
• Medical information to help us help you in case of accident or emergency
• Dietary Requirements

This information is kept confidential by Black Dog Ride and only shared with State Coordinators, then shared with Support Crew during the ride. The information you provide helps us ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride, and that we are able to support you should an accident or other emergency arise.

If you're unable to ride the whole distance with us, you can register as a Night Rider and join SA riders from Melrose Park to Port Fairy inclusive. Simply complete the relevant details on the registration form.

Registration as a Rider for the full Black Dog Ride to Tasmania 2017 includes the following:

• Your entry to the organised ride
• Your ferry passage TO Tasmania but NOT the return
• The security of a Support Vehicle with bike trailer en route to Hobart
• Rider Kit including commemorative BDR patch and stickers for your bike
• The Hobart Welcome Luncheon at Blundstone Arena
• The Ride Finale Dinner at Blundstone Arena

Black Dog Ride will arrange and inform riders of reasonably priced accomodation for every leg, generally discounted for Black Dog Riders.

Community organisations may be providing low cost yummy meals almost every day, but meal costs (other than the Hobart formal meals) are not included in registration costs.

Spirit of Tasmania Ferry Booking - IMPORTANT!

To move 400 Black Dog Riders and their bikes over to Tasmania, Black Dog Ride has liaised extensively with the Spirit of Tasmania. Black Dog Ride must include Ferry Bookings in the Ride Registration fees, and will book riders on their behalf. During Ride Registration, you will need to choose the ferry accomodation option you prefer, however places are limited and it is first in best dressed.

There is no need for riders to book the ferry to Tasmania, this is being done on your behalf by Black Dog Ride.

However riders will need to book the ferry for their return home. More information is provided to riders upon registering.

Register for the SA Leg of Tasmania 2017 here:

The Cause

Black Dog Ride will be engaging hundreds of communities nationwide, in the lead up to and during the Black Dog Ride to Tasmania 2017. Our mission is simple but life saving - to start conversations about mental health. Feeling safe and comfortable enough to reach out for support is the first step to managing mental illness and preventing suicide.

In 2017, Black Dog Ride will be focusing on raising awareness of mental illness and suicide amongst ex-service, veterans and emergency workers. We aim to break down barriers to conversations around mental health amongst the very people who are helping us in our times of need but whose own mental wellbeing is often overlooked.

Black Dog Ride hopes to train 1,000 ex-service, veterans and emergency workers in MHFA and we'll need $300,000 to achieve this mental health milestone! We encourage all Black Dog Riders to take up the cause to help us address the rising rate of mental illness and suicide amongst our ex-service, veterans and emergency workers.

Fundraise links coming soon, stay tuned!

Melrose Park to Hobart - 1662kms

The itinerary listed below will be continually updated. Please check back often.

Tuesday 31st October - Melrose Park to Loxton North 240kms

Start Point - Melrose Park

End Point - Loxton North

Accomodation location and community activities coming soon!

Wednesday 1st November - Loxton North to Mt Gambier 522kms

Start Point - Loxton North

End Point - Mt Gambier

Accomodation location and community activities coming soon!

Thursday 2nd November - Mt Gambier to Port Fairy 225kms

Start Point - Mt Gambier

End Point - Port Fairy

Accomodation location and community activities coming soon!

Friday 3rd November - Port Fairy to Melbourne 380kms

Night Riders depart ride.

Start Point - Port Fairy

End Point - Melbourne

Accomodation location and community activities coming soon!

Saturday 4th November - Port Melbourne to Devonport

7.00am Arrive at Spirit of Tasmania terminal with NSW Riders

9.00am Spirit of Tasmania embarks across bass Strait

6.00pm Disembark from Spirit of Tasmania at Devonport, TAS


Discovery Parks Devonport
Phone: (03) 6427 8418 Email:
Address: 13-17 Tarleton St Devonport

Please let them know you're with Black Dog Ride to ensure you receive any discounts that apply.

Sunday 5th November - Devonport to Hobart 295kms

Start Point - Devonport

End Point - Hobart

Arrive at Blundstone Arena in Hobart at 2.00pm to meet all Black Dog Riders with a Welcome Luncheon.


Hobart Airport Tourist Park + Camping
Phone: (03) 6248 4551
Address: 2 Flight Street, Cambridge

Hobart Airport Travelodge
Phone: 1300 886 886
Address: 1 Holyman Ave, Cambridge

Remember to book for 2 nights! Please let them know you're with Black Dog Ride to ensure you receive any discounts that apply.

Monday 6th November - Hobart

Community activity with all Black Dog Riders in the morning.

6.00pm Finale Dinner at Blundstone Arena. Buses pickup and drop off at accomodation points.

After dinner the organised part of Black Dog Ride to Tasmania 2017 is finished. You are free to stay on in Hobart, tour the region, head home or continue travelling.

Important Ride Notes

  • Please note that times and distances contained in the Itinerary are estimates only and you are free to travel at your own pace and times.
  • Each stop on the Itinerary is deemed a fuel stop. Please check the range of your bike against a map to determine any additional stops you may require.
  • It is your responsibility to book accommodation or camp sites and please quote BDR when booking to ensure you receive applicable discounts.
  • All meals except Hobart lunch and dinner, are at your cost and if you are a registered rider it is presumed (for catering purposes) that you will be attending the organised meals as listed above